Print Technology

printing paper bags

At Can Do Paper Bag, our goal is to ensure that all of our customers receive the most bang for their buck. This is done by offering environmentally-friendly products that look great for a price that your retail establishment can easily afford. To make this possible, we use our specialized printing technology; computer-to-plate (CTP) Technology.


The computer-to-plate technology we use to design and print our recycled paper bags makes us a far more cost-effective option than the numerous companies using outdated technology. This technology also means you will be able to buy paper bags online from our company in bulk at a far cheaper price than the other companies can afford to offer, which is great news for larger retailers.

Enhances Graphics and Lettering

If you are going to invest money into marketing, you want to ensure that it is enhancing your reputation instead of potentially ruining it, right? If you share this belief, you will be thrilled to see how much better the graphics will turn out on the recycled paper bags you order from us in comparison to what the other companies will produce.


Print Sizes

Another excellent advantage customers like you will receive thanks to our computer-to-plate technology is the ability to choose between different print sizes. This means that you can pick from a wide variety of print sizes that can be as large as A2!

Numerous Binding and Print Options

The technology used in our recycled paper bags manufacturing process also allows you to choose between far more binding and print options than other paper bag design companies can offer. As a result, we have the unique ability to design conference paper bags Australia, to your exact specifications.

  Digital Offset - HP Indigo

Digital Offset Printing makes use of advance digital technology to produce offset quality results. Not to be confused with digital reproduction (which is mostly associated with digital copiers and colour lasers), Digital Offset Printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for litho-offset printing, including making films or plates. As image is transferred directly onto paper without the use of plates, the technology is cost-efficient and significantly makes small volume print-runs economical. You will find that Can Do Paper Bag Co. utilize only the best digital offset printing press currently in the market for premium results.

Design-to-Print Technology
Offset quality with digital flexibility.

No plates, immediately ready for printing HP Indigo Offset Press Offset Quality Products

No need for plates, files are immediately ready for printing.
Top-of-the-line, HP Indigo Offset Press.
Result = Offset Quality Products

The Advantages & Opportunities
Digital Offset significantly reduces print rejects caused by colour inconsistency which can affect a customer’s confidence and limit repeat businesses. Apart from colour consistency, small volume print-runs are also more affordable with Digital Offset. With the advantage to economically print in small volumes ( even as low as 1 pc) in offset quality, Digital Offset reduces wastage and increases market opportunity. Digital Offset printing opens a door to an array of exciting opportunities for your print business!
  • Better colour consistency:
    - Reduce reject rate
    - Build customer confidence
    - Promote repeat business
  • Printable as low as 10 pieces:
    - Minimal wastage / surplus
    - New market opportunities (Menu, Announcement Cards, Certificates, etc)
  • More options
    - Finishing enhance-able (round corner, hot stamping, lamination, etc)