Artwork Specifications

When we receive your file...
We will do this:
- Check for issues mentioned in the Common Pending Jobs Problems list.
- Notify you of problems in your artwork file, or
- Go straight to print if there were no errors found with your artwork file.

We won't do this:
- Check for issues other then those mentioned in Common Pending Jobs Problems.
- Correct any technical errors in your artwork file.
- Correct any setting problems with your artwork.
- Reprint the file because of your failure to follow the artwork setting guidelines on our website.

We want to help you get the best results for your print job. Therefore, please be sure to refer to the artwork specifications when preparing your artwork. Failure to comply with our guidelines may delay your print job as well as increase its cost.

Download Artwork Specifications (PDF Files) Download Artwork Specifications
The following files are basic requirements and guidelines for artwork setting. They are categorized by topic and unless otherwise stated (or titled so), these artwork specifications apply to all our products. Please download and refer to them when preparing you artwork.

No. Topic Pages Download
01 Colour, images, text, line 2 Download
02 Using our template guidelines 2 Download
03 Preparing final artwork 1 Download
04 PDF setting 1 Download
05 Sending file to us 1 Download
06 General checklist 1 Download
07 Common pending job problems 1 Download
08 Adding a solid black (SUPER BLACK) area in your artwork 1 Download
09 Artwork Orientation 1 Download
10 Glossary 1 Download
11 Invoice Books artwork specifications 6 Download
12 Booklet artwork specifications and checklist 3 Download
13 Envelope artwork specification 1 Download
14 Letterhead artwork specifications 2 Download
15 Pre-Inked Stamp artwork specifications and checklist 2 Download